Water is Life

This title has very real meaning to me now during this extremely hot and dry summer on the ranch. Water is Life. It is everything. Without it, we are NOT.

This painting is part of the show “Dissent” at Sparrow Gallery in Sacramento. I believe the show runs through August. I’m thrilled to have been asked to participate!

“Dissent” is an oil on board, 48×30.

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Thanks Frame of Reference!

I am shouting out a huge thank you to Frame of Reference Fine Art for selling four of my paintings in the past few weeks! Thanks so much, all of you! I’ll post pics of the first two tonight.

The lovely brunette is “Clara Belle” and the still life is called “A Bowl of Birds and a Bison”.
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Art Walk in Whitefish

We had a fun evening last Thursday for the Gallery Walk event at Frame of Reference Gallery in Whitefish. Featured were myself, Frank Hagel and Jack Lyons. There were lots of people in attendance, the gallery looked great, and I sold a few paintings in the next few days! Thanks so much Derek, Tula and Julie! Oh, my paintings and Jack Lyons woodwork are visible on the right side of this picture.

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Always Paddle Your Own Canoe

I was surfing the web, looking for ideas for a title for my canoe painting and found this. Sounds like good advice to me! “Love many, trust a few, and always paddle your own canoe.” This was attributed to a bumper sticker, so I can’t credit the author. Anyway, I’ve titled my painting “Always Paddle Your Own Canoe”, 24×24 oil.
Please join me Thursday night at Frame of Reference Gallery in Whitefish, MT. for Gallery night. I’ll be in good company with other artists Frank Hagel and Jack Lyons. #frameofreferencefineart #fineart #contemporaryart #waterscape

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I’ve had a terrible time with cameras lately. It’s been quite frustrating! Maybe it’s time for a new one? But finally, I managed to get a good shot of this piece. I like this painting, “Wellspring”. It’s 24 x 24, an oil on board, and I sold it on Sunday at the Iron Horse Summer Art Social in beautiful Whitefish, MT.

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Frame of Reference Gallery

I am pleased to announce that I have a new gallery in Whitefish, MT. – Frame of Reference Fine Art. I met Derek and Tula during Art Week in Great Falls. They are professional, experienced, and I know will be fun to work with! I sent quite a few pieces with them in March, and will be there for a three person show early this summer. I thought I’d attach a picture of their great gallery!

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Catching up here after art week in Great Falls, and many other things as well. However, it’s now time to post some art! I’ve had fun working with metal leaf lately. It’s a very different process than my usual. The metal leaf dictates, and requires a more time consuming process than just painting with oils. It is also less forgiving!

I do particularly like this painting, “Beginnings”. It is oil and metal leaf, 18×24. I would think the title needs no explanation!

“Beginnings” sold at the Big Sky Auction for the Arts in March, held at Moonlight Lodge in Big Sky.

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Please stop by and see us at The Out West Art Show in Great Falls, through Saturday!

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Mourning Dove

For various reasons, I have not done many pieces of Native Americans recently, but when I came across Mourning Dove’s story I couldn’t resist. With that, and the visual I immediately got when I saw her name, I just had to do this piece. It is currently one of my favorites, and the second piece I did using gold leaf. I’m happy with the way it turned out. As Mourning Dove’s story is a long one, even my abbreviated version, I’ll post the painting first, so you can skip the story if you’d like. I do think it’s important though.

“Mourning Dove” is oil and gold leaf on board and is 36 x 24. It will be available in my OWAS room 176 at the Heritage Inn during Art Week – coming up fast – March 15 – 18th!

Mourning Dove was the pen name of Christine Quintasket, an Interior Salish woman born in 1884. In 1904, she enrolled in the Fort Shaw Indian School which was about 30 miles from her grandparents home in Great Falls, Montana. In Montana, she witnessed the 1908 roundup of the last free-ranging bison herd, an event that had a profound effect on her. Soon thereafter, she began to develop the idea for a novel that combined traditional tribal culture with a romantic story, based around the epic buffalo roundup.

Her novel, “Cogewea, the Half-Blood”, (1927) was the first known published novel by a Native American woman. It explored the plight of the mixed blood (or “breed”), who lived in both white and Indian cultures. In it, she described centuries-old traditions with the authority of her own first-hand knowledge and experiences.

A new author, Mourning Dove felt that her editor McWhorter greatly changed her book. She wrote to him, “I felt like it was someone else’s book and not mine at all. In fact the finishing touches are put there by you, and I have never seen it.”

Over the years, Quintasket had pointedly gathered what she called “folklores” from tribal people throughout the northern Plateau region. She published “Coyote Stories” in 1933. It included editing credits to Guie and McWhorter and a foreword by Chief Standing Bear. As a result of the editing, many of the stories as published were unrecognizable to the Colville-Okanagan elders who originally told them.

After her death in 1936, the 20 folders of her miscellaneous writings were eventually organized and edited into thematic and grammatical consistency by researcher Jay Miller (b. 1947), who had worked with many elders on the Colville Reservation. These writings appeared in 1990 as “Mourning Dove: A Salishan Autobiography”.

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Majestic One

This is the first piece I’ve done experimenting with gold leaf. Although it’s hard to see it in this photograph, the gold has given a glow to the painting. This has been an interesting project; quite the learning curve. “Majestic One” is an oil with gold leaf on board, 24×24.

I will have this painting, and many others at the Heritage Inn in my show room 176 – at the Out West Art Show (OWAS) in Great Falls, MT. March 13 – 17th!

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Laurie Stevens

Current or Recent Events & Shows

Under a Vast Sky, the 2017 AWA Annual Master and Signature Members Show & National Juried Exhibition, at the Tucson Desert Art Museum, Oct 13 – Dec. 3, 2017

“Dissent” Show at Sparrow Gallery, Sacramento, CA. July 1 – August, 2017

“Gallery Night” at Frame of Reference Fine Art in Whitefish, MT.,July 6, 2017

Iron Horse Summer Art Social, Whitefish, MT. June 25, 2017

“First Strike Auction” March 17, 2017 C.M. Russell Museum https://cmrussell.org/the-russell-event/

2016 – Portrait Society of American Members Only Competition Winner – Landscape Division https://portraitsociety.org/

“Back to Basics” Painting Workshop in Big Sky, MT. – October 28-30, 2016

“2016 Annual AWA Member Show & National Juried Exhibition” – Sept. 23 to Nov. 14, 2016 https://americanwomenartists.org/news//

“Summer Art Social” at Iron Horse, Whitefish, MT. – June 25, 2016 www.whitefishcommunityfoundation.org/summer-art-social/

“Montana Painters Alliance Show” at the Hockaday Museum of Art in Kalispell, MT. June 30, 2016 – August 31, 2016. http://www.hockadaymuseum.org/

I’m teaching a workshop called “Back to Basics: Considerations for Every Painter” at the C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT., April 29 – May 1, 2016 https://www.cmrussell.org/content/back-basics-considerations-every-painter-laurie-stevens/

“Auction for the Arts” at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, MT. March 24, 2016 http://www.bigskyarts.org/

“Out West Art Show & Sale” at the Heritage Inn, Great Falls, MT. March 16-19, 2016 http://outwestartshow.com/

Guest Artist at Altamira Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ., 2015 http://www.altamiraart.com

“Traveling the West Art Show & Sale” at Southwest Gallery, Dallas, TX. – October 23-24, 2015 http://www.travelingthewestshow.com

“Boots Required!” at Bella Muse Gallery, Ogden, UT. – July 3 – August 31, 2015 http://www.bellamusegallery.com

“Summer Art Social” at Iron Horse, Whitefish, MT. – June 30, 2015 www.whitefishcommunityfoundation.org/summer-art-social/

The Dana Gallery “Icons of the West” Show, May 15 – June 30,, 2015 http://www.danagallery.com

The Russell Live Auction, Mansfield Convention Center, Great Falls, MT., Saturday, Mar. 21, 2015 http://www.cmrussell.org/the-russell

Booth Western Art Museum “For the Love of Art Gala & Art Auction” – February 21, 2015 www.boothmuseum.org

Altamira Fine Art “Art 2 Art Show”, Jackson, WY. – mid December, 2014 – January 1, 2015 www.altamiraart.com

Tom Gilleon & Laurie Stevens – 2 person show hosted by Altamira Gallery of Jackson, WY. and Creighton Block Gallery of Big Sky, MT., July1 – 18, 2014 http://www.creightonblockgallery.com

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum “Small Works, Great Wonders” Show, Oklahoma City, OK. – Nov. 15 – Dec. 1, 2013 http://nationalcowboymuseum.org/events/swgw/default.aspx

About Me

Stevens’ work reflects the small daily wonders of the land she calls home: the first crocus of spring, the resilient beauty of the plains, or that special sense of hope and possibility that is only found in the West. Stevens is also interested in regional history, particularly the interactions of Native Americans and white settlers during the Reservation Period. Many of her paintings are an exploration of this dynamic and a meditation on the “taming of the West.” From Billings, MT, Laurie began her career as an artist in Los Angeles where she spent 12 years working for the entertainment industry as a scenic artist and muralist for television, theme park, theater and movie productions. She spent time as a member of the Walt Disney Imagineering team, lending her talents to many Disney theme park projects worldwide. She also did some set design, illustration, and matte paintings for several animated childrens’ movies. In the 1980’s Stevens returned to her native Montana, first to the mountains near the Scapegoat Wilderness and then to the ranch near Great Falls where she currently lives and works.


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